Daughter of God, Writer, Poet, Dancer, a huge lover of food and Netflix, and  a college graduate with a degree in writing trying to become an experienced traveler.

I am a lover of words. My Heavenly Father is the Lover of my life and soul. Poetry is what I love to do and I strive to be better at it. I spend my days as an off and on again sandwich artiste and my nights are spent with a cup of green tea (sometimes matcha, other times coffee) telling myself I need to write more.

I wield my pen, or rather the letters on my keyboard as a way to spread my words beyond the pages of closed notebooks I keep close by or thoughts I hold unexpressed. As I continue to write and learn about myself, other people, and God, I hope and pray you take the time to seek beauty, to seek love, and come to an understanding of what faith can and should look like.

I hope that as I write on this blog that you will be able to see the heart I have for life and the beautiful world we live in. Read away Lovelies!



I also have a twin sister, Octavia Mason, who has an awesome blog! Check it out here at neraatheart.wordpress.com


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