Waiting for Beloved

Why Waiting For Beloved
I’m pretty sure some of you are wondering why I chose the name Waiting for Beloved as my name and I guess the reason I took so long to tell you is because I wanted to be sure of why I named it this for myself.
I believe it’s because I try to spend most of my time waiting for God. I admit that I don’t spend as much time in prayer and reading my Bible as much as I should, but I do wait on God. I wait to hear His voice and to feel His presence, being close to God, my Beloved is something I long for so deeply. The definition of beloved is someone who is deeply loved and I like to consider myself deeply loved by my God. So, if I am God’s beloved He is mine. When I am busy doing something or at school doing work I sometimes stop and think about God and how much my life has changed with Him. I was just thinking last night how much my life revolves around God and Jesus and if that was taken from me half of my life would be gone and instead of half I want it to be all. I want my life to be completely centered around my Beloved. So, I am waitingforbeloved sitting with Him, always thinking of Him, and living my life radically sold out to Him.

You Are God’s Beloved Too
Sometimes it’s hard to think that God can love you. Someone so perfect and righteous, you might ask yourself how could He love me? I use to hear all the time “God loves you because He created you”. And it’s so true, your heavenly Father the one who molded and sculpted you in your mother’s womb loves you deeply. God does calls you His beloved and once you start seeing yourself the way God sees you everything changes, your perspective on life will be brighter and when you give your life to Jesus, your savior everything does change and I’m not saying you won’t have hard or trying times, but those hard or trying times become conquerable because you have God on your side.


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